Software dev interview questions cisco

software dev interview questions cisco

Prepare yourself for your Software Engineer interview at Cisco by browsing Interview questions and processes from real candidates. Software Engineer Interview the opening was for C/Python developer year exp there were 3 tech interview rounds. They will prefer you to. We'll send you + of the most common coding interview questions, once a day with visual explanations. Join over 25, users who are doubling their. FILEZILLA SERVER WINDOWS 2003 FIREWALL Сообщаю Для вас, что.

Take a lead role in Cisco's Patent Program. Apply advanced networking principles, theories and concepts. Ability to effectively present technical concepts to a wide audience. Ability to influence the development of industry-wide standards. Ability to make good judgement determining how to best achieve technical objectives of an assignment. Overview The Recruiter screen is a minute telephonic interview with the recruiter. Interview Questions Most asked interview questions in the Initial Screen.

What attracts you to software engineering? Why have you chosen Cisco? Overview The technical screen is a one-hour interview with the hiring manager and a senior Cisco software engineer. This round is aimed at assessing your technical skills in the following areas: Coding aptitude System design Coding Aptitude The coding aptitude section of the technical screen has questions that test the general programming abilities of the candidate.

Most commonly asked Coding questions in the Technical screen: Write a Perl script to pack consecutive duplicates of list elements into sublists. Write a Perl script to generate the combinations of K distinct objects chosen from the N elements of a list. Given a number N, write a code to find the last two digits of the Nth fibonacci number. Write a function to convert a sorted list into a binary search tree? Write a function that takes a list of lists and flattens it into a one-dimensional list.

System Design Systems design is a crucial part of the interview where companies look to test candidates's system design and architecture abilities to meet the challenges of requirements volatility, design process and quality issues e. Most commonly asked System Design questions How would you design a search engine?

How would you improve ebay's front end design? Design the front end of a ride-sharing app such as Uber. How would you design a chat messenger service like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger? Want to practice more such questions with a Cisco Software engineer?

Overview The onsite round is an extended version of the phone screen. System Design In the course of their role of software development, software engineers often have to spend a considerable amount of time on the system design part. Here are the most commonly asked System Design questions in the Onsite Round Explain the design shortcomings of Uber's frontend.

Design an autocomplete feature like word suggestions on search engines? Can you scale it to millions of users? Can you design an application like Airbnb? Describe your approach. Design an OTT video streaming platform like Netflix? Coding Aptitude Coding is one of the most fundamental skills that software engineers are expected to be good at. Most commonly asked Coding questions in the onsite round Write a function to remove any given character from a string?

Suppose you are given a positive integer, x. Write a code to print all possible combinations of positive integers that add to the number x. Write a function to print all permutations of String both in an iterative and Recursive way. Write a code to search for a given number in a sorted array, with unique elements, that has been rotated by some arbitrary number. Assume that the array does not have duplicates. Return null if the given number does not exist in the sorted array.

Use Python to group the elements of a set into disjoint subsets. Behavioural The Behavioural interview will consist of questions to assess behavioural aspects of your personality. Most commonly asked questions in the Behavioral section Why Cisco? I was able to fix all the bugs and all the 11 test cases were green too. Alex verified my solution based on bug fixes, unit test status, and coding style. He was impressed with my performance in the first round and so I moved on to round two of the interview.

I got the email asking for my availability for the second round of the interview. I was facing some health issues at that time, so I asked to schedule a week later and the interviewer was happy to do so. The second round was also a project-based interview via Devskiller. I was given an Angular project and there are four questions based on that.

All the questions are based on debugging and bug fixes. The total time allotted for this round was 1 hour. The difference compared to the first round was that this time I was supposed to do a live coding session by sharing my screen with Alex. I was expected to explain the What, Why, and How of the code I was writing and talk through the solution.

The thought process to approach the problem was given importance over the implementation. This round was more of a pair-programming session with me in the driver's seat. Out of the four questions, I was able to solve the first three in 30 mins. I struggled a bit with this question but a small hint from Alex helped me solve it. At the end of the test, I was able to solve all four questions successfully.

But he was happy with my overall performance and I was promoted to the third round of the interview. I got a call from my manager, Vaibhav, and he informed me that they were happy with my performance in first two rounds and wanted to schedule another round of technical discussion.

He asked me for my availability and I replied to him to schedule the call for the next day at 10 am IST. This round of interviews is conducted by the team in India so it has to be during IST working hours. Two interviewers joined the call, and after the introduction, I was informed that this round would be divided into two sections, one for Angular and another one for JavaScript.

They started with the questions about Angular. This round had a mix of theoretical as well as scenario-based questions. The Angular interview continued for around 45 mins and I aced it. I answered all but one question. After 45 mins they switched to the JS side. They started with the core concepts of JS and I answered those questions easily. Then they moved deeper into JS and I was asked few output-based questions. I struggled a bit here. Then came more output-based questions and I was unable to answer a few of them.

The JS interview also continued for 45 mins. I was not happy with my performance in the JS part of the interview. It was pretty average. Two days after the third round of interviews, I got a call from Vaibhav. He informed me that the interviewers were impressed with my Angular skills but they were not happy with my JS skills.

But the overall performance was good, so I was able to move on to the fourth and the final round of interviews. He also suggested that I work on improving my JS skills. The final round of interviews was scheduled on the Tuesday of the following week from pm to pm. This was a managerial round and Vaibhav was the interviewer along with another senior developer from my team.

This round was more focused on my non-technical skills. He asked me about the project I was working on with my current company. I told him about my open-source work and he asked few questions about that.

At the end of the interview, Vaibhav shared that he was happy with my performance and wanted to go ahead with the offer. The next step was to update HR so that they could continue with the salary and the offer formalities. The fourth round of the interview was entirely non-technical. I have mentioned a few of the questions asked in this round, and here are some more:.

I was waiting patiently for the call from HR after the fourth round of interviews. I got the call after one week. The HR rep congratulated me on clearing all the rounds of the interview and asked me about my current salary and notice period. She also asked me to share my payslip and compensation details from my current employer. After two days, I got another call from HR and she informed me about the salary I was being offered. I asked if there was any possibility of negotiating a better offer.

She told me that this was the best possible salary as per my employment grade and it was not possible to increase it any further. I asked her for some time to make the final decision. I discussed the situation with my family as well as a few of my friends. I also had a call with Vaibhav, and a few calls with HR as well.

I was very much confused at this point, so I decided to write down the pros and cons of this role. Here is what I came up with:. Finally, the pros outweighed the cons and I decided to accept the offer. So, I informed HR of my decision. But there was a surprise waiting for me. I panicked and thought that I had lost the opportunity. But I had no option other than to wait. TBH, I had lost any hope of getting the offer at this point. After two weeks, I got a call from Vaibhav and he asked me if I was still interested to proceed with the job offer.

After my confirmation, he informed me that HR was happy to release the offer letter. The next day, HR called me to confirm the same. By the end of the day, I had the offer letter in my inbox. Whenever you are being interviewed for a job, the interviewer always asks this question at the end — Do you have any questions? A lot of people are confused about what to ask and what not to ask. Some people do not ask any questions at all. Well, this is a good opportunity to learn more about the project, the team, and the company.

So, you should ask your interviewer as many questions as you can. Cisco provides you with ample learning and growth opportunities. You will get a chance to work on applications used on a worldwide scale. You will be always motivated to grow and explore yourself on a personal and professional level. So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Cisco Careers portal and apply for the role you want. If you like the article, share it with your friends. You can also connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Сообщаю Для вас, что.

Сообщаю Для вас, что.

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