Raritan paragon overview software

raritan paragon overview software

Description, Raritan Paragon II Enhanced User Station - KVM extender - for Paragon II UMTM, II UMTS, II UMT, II UMT, II UMTM, II UMTS. The Raritan Paragon UMT is the perfect solution for small and mid-sized server rooms that need a superior KVM switch at an entry-level price. Designed for. Support of Raritan PX1 and PX2 appliances. • Support for remote IP access from the new Dominion KX III User. Station. Dominion KX KX Photos. CANNOT START CITRIX DESKTOP Сообщаю Для вас, что.

Select and switch to one of the MasterConsole II channels to ensure proper switching. Press to go to the Administration Menu and select the Channel Configuration submenu. Select the MasterConsole II channel. Edit names. To determine whether your MasterConsole P model is MasterView ready, check the white label on the bottom of the unit.

Press to go to the Selection Menu to validate that second-tier MasterConsole P is properly configured. Select and switch to one of the MasterConsole P channels to ensure proper switching. Edit name fields. Connect CIM to server. As a result, each server connected to the HubPac is configured as a directly connected server would be. Attach server s to CIMPac.

Connect one end of a CCPnn cable to server, attaching the male HD15 video leg and the male 6-pin mini-DIN keyboard and mouse legs to appropriate video, keyboard, and mouse ports on server. As a result, each server connected to the CIMPac can be configured as a directly connected server would be. UST1 4. Secure cable support bar to the rear of each side bracket, opposite from the rack mount tabs. UMT8 3. UST1 3.

Secure cable support bar to the front of each side bracket near the rack mount tabs. The Selection Menu will appear. To navigate to other menus, use the function keys. Reg1 07 MX4-Wing. Bob Wins Jack 06 08 03 04 01 ….. Green Channel is active and available. Red Unavailable; system is currently being accessed by another user. Press the key to return to Selection Menu.

To add, delete, or change a password, press while viewing the User Profile Menu. Type the old password at the prompt. Type a new password of up to eight characters at the next prompt. Press and confirm the new password by re-entering it. Press to retain change or press to cancel changes. Use the , , , and keys to select Single Line scrolling message banner or Circ Left static message banner. Default setting is Single Line. Default setting is Off.

For most situations, there is no need to use the front panel beyond viewing status. In this example, it is the main unit. Press the [ ] or [ ] button to change user port number. Press [ESC] to return to normal display. Banking Technology, a potentially improved KVM configuration design that conceivably banks or links Matrix Switching Units directly to each other, is currently nonfunctional.

As a result, all Bank IDs should be set to 1. Re-Configure: Paragon will automatically configure the system as computers or devices are added or removed. At the user console connected to the UST1, simultaneously hold down the and keys. These functions can be performed from a set of Administration Menus. Press the and or and keys to highlight a channel for a device or computer and press to select.

When editing is complete, press - the highlight will turn yellow. Connection: The Connection column shows status of each user and displays the channel to which any active user is currently connected. Adding or Deleting Users: To Add a User: Press the key, and when the new default user name is visible, change the default name to the desired user name.

The maximum number of users is An Administrator can change device names, individual computer scan rates, device type, and group IDs associated with each computer or device. ID: Channel ID number. Group: Displays security groups that device is associated with. Press the and or and keys to highlight the desired field and press - the yellow highlight will turn green.

Please refer to the sections below for instructions on editing the menu items. Insert Overview software diskette into floppy disk drive. Using Windows Explorer, locate and double-click on the Overview. The Overview program window will open. Click on the OK button. Double-click the user name that you wish to edit from the User List that appears. When the Edit window appears, modify the profile as required.

Click on the OK button to save changes and close the window. Edit a Device Profile: 1. Open the device list by clinking the plus sign inside the small square to the left of the Paragon Switch name on the left side of the Overview program window. Double-click on a computer or second tier device from the list. The program will upload the new configuration file to the UST1 unit.

These IDs are called Group IDs because each user ID number can have one or more users belonging to it, and each computer ID number can have one or many computers belonging to it. Reserve this user port for connection from the Z-CIM. All computers have no video display. Monitor video display for some connected computers is distorted. Keyboard non-functional, even though there is no keyboard error at power up. Cannot input to any computer. Keyboard suddenly locks-up when a particular computer is selected, but works normally when other computers are selected.

Verify that computer works with a mouse directly connected. Raritan Paragon II Paragon II is defining the next generation of KVM and will give you the power to access and control servers and other network devices anytime, anywhere. As the industry's best stackable Cat5 KVM solution, Paragon II will give you seamless access and control to multiple platforms, operating systems and connections.

Multi-dimensional Expansion With Paragon II, you can stack up to ports per switch and add up to 10, ports via multi-dimensional expansion. Building upon the proven analog KVM switching technologies of Raritan's original Paragon, it has superior KVM switch technology that dramatically reduces equipment costs and optimizes space utilization. Innovative Modular Architecture The main switching unit is a secure, intelligent, non-blocked control unit that connects users to servers. Its stackable architecture provides the industry's highest port density.

Designed for two users, it has 42 server ports. Main Switching Unit: A secure, intelligent, non-blocked control unit that connects users to servers. User Station: Designed to fit conveniently under the user's monitor, it includes an intuitive on-screen user interface for easy access to attached servers.

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