Cisco network analysis software download

cisco network analysis software download

Prime Network Prime Network Prime Network Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM) Virtual Appliances. Prime Network Analysis Module Software Prime Network Analysis Module Software Login and Valid Contract Required. Select a Product. Find. Browse all. Downloads Home; Cloud and Systems. Analyze your network to track resources, identify bottlenecks & troubleshoot issues. CISCO ISE 3300 SERIES SOFTWARE VERSION 1 X Сообщаю Для вас, что.

You can deploy the vNAM in the cloud to monitor hosted workloads, at remote sites to characterize the end-user experience, or almost anywhere in the network to eliminate blind spots. It combines deep application awareness, insightful performance analytics, and comprehensive network visibility to empower network administrators to efficiently and effectively manage their networks.

The software includes prepackaged dashboards that provide an immediate view of network performance and workflows that help accelerate operational decisions. Cisco Prime vNAM 6. Specifically, 6. Smart licensing allows the user to dynamically choose performance levels Mbps or 1 Gbps. However, the traditional licensing scheme is also available, in case smart licensing is unavailable or not suitable in a specific deployment.

With it, the vNAM can provide visibility into the performance of your business-critical applications, no matter where they are hosted or how they are distributed. It can tell you whether transaction times are fast or slow. And with these insights, it can help you prioritize those that the business depends on and throttle those that are less relevant. It enables more efficient and more economical operations. Table 1. Deployment versatility. Meet the demand for operational agility in virtualized data center and cloud environments.

Deploy Cisco Prime vNAM in tenant network containers, remote sites, or almost any place in the network to address specific operational needs with its insightful analytics and purpose-built GUI. Get rapid visibility into how your business-critical applications are performing.

Protocol Packs make updates timely and smooth. Application performance analytics. Characterize the end-user experience for TCP-based applications and isolate application response-time problems to the network, server, or the application, to accelerate troubleshooting. Voice quality analytics. Traffic analysis. View short- and long-term network usage by applications, hosts, conversations, Differentiated-Services-Code-Point DSCP groups, and various supported encapsulations.

Identify top consumers of network resources and isolate network bottlenecks to optimize network resource-allocation. Insight into encapsulation and overlay technologies. Design overlay networks for the efficient delivery of applications. Cisco TrustSec policy validation. Validate the Cisco TrustSec policies using Security Group Tags SGTs and evaluate the endpoints or hosts, applications, and conversations participating in one or more security groups.

WAN-optimized network visibility. Accelerate your Return On Investment ROI by assessing the best site and application candidates for optimization as part of the phased rollout plan. Deep, insightful packet analysis. Solve complex performance problems with trigger-based captures, filters, decodes, and error scan features. Packet captures can be triggered based on performance thresholds, allowing you to focus on specific performance problems. In addition, use external storage to collect extensive packet captures for offline analysis.

Smart licensing. A flexible licensing scheme that allows the user to dynamically choose different performance levels Mbps or 1 Gbps. Traditional licensing is also available as well. Open interface. Any time, anywhere access. Access the web interface from any desktop, eliminating the need to send personnel to remote sites or send large amounts of data over WAN links to the central site. Cisco Prime Infrastructure integration. Manage NAMs from a single, centralized console.

Collect and view NAM statistics from across the network to get a big picture view of network performance. It provides metrics such as transaction time, server response time, application delay, and more. Setting performance thresholds helps to proactively detect application response time issues, minimizing the risk of violating service-level objectives. When deployed at a remote site, Cisco Prime vNAM can help network administrators characterize the end-user experience Figure 3 , profile application traffic, and troubleshoot performance problems to permit cost-effective services delivery across Cisco Enterprise Networks.

An integrated web-based interface allows administrators to access vNAM remotely at any time and from anywhere to gather network and application performance insights, eliminating the need to send the data to a centralized location for analysis.

The vNAM can monitor all traffic entering and leaving the remote site, identify the applications consuming the most bandwidth, proactively alert you to degradation in application performance, assess whether control and optimization techniques are effectively implemented, and help you contextually troubleshoot performance problems.

They are distinguished by their traffic monitoring throughput. Both vNAMs support the same feature set. The software can be downloaded from the Cisco Promotional Software Store. Table 2. Supported Virtual Environment. Traffic Monitoring Performance. Up to Mbps. The Cisco Prime NAM portfolio includes form-factor choices that can be deployed to meet diverse performance analysis needs in scalable multigigabit switching and routing environments.

This services module brings application-awareness and insights to your Cisco Nexus Series Switch. It provides an integrated, scalable, and flexible solution to help simplify services delivery in the dynamic data center.

This services module, integrated in your Cisco Catalyst switch, delivers traffic monitoring, application performance analytics, and troubleshooting at 15 Gbps or faster traffic monitoring throughput. They address high-performance monitoring needs in the campus, WAN edge, data center, and service provider networks. The vNAM offers outstanding deployment flexibility.

It brings application visibility and network analytics to critical observation points in the cloud and branch to help increase business agility. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer.

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