Cisco call attendant software engineer

cisco call attendant software engineer

Cisco Unified Attendant Consoles · Open a TAC Case Online · US/Canada · Worldwide Support Phone Numbers · All Tools · Feedback. Unified Attendant Console Advanced: Get product information, technical documents, downloads, and community content. Answer, transfer, park, hold, place calls, and more directly from the Cisco Unified Attendant Console, which controls a Cisco Unified IP Phone. Directory sync. EM CLIENT FREE DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS 8 Сообщаю Для вас, что.

Call history. Log into and out of hunt groups. Users can log into and out of Cisco Unified Communications Manager hunt groups from within the application. Call forwarding and do not disturb. Users can set call forwarding and do not disturb on their extensions directly from the application. Directory features. Users will always have an up-to-date corporate directory by synchronizing the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard directory with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, a local.

Personal directory groups. In addition to the synchronized corporate directory, users can create their own groups of contacts to give them quick access to any contact inside or outside of their organization. Unified directory search.

Search the synchronized corporate directory and personal directory groups at the same time to find contacts quickly. Presence integration. If your organization uses Cisco presence or WebEx Messenger, users can view each contact's live presence state to quickly see if the contact is available to receive a call. Additional features. Adjustable font size. Changing the font size is one of the many ways in which individual users can customize the application to best suit their needs.

Configurable user interface. Each panel Call Control, Parked Calls, Call History, and the directory can be rearranged, resized, and popped out, giving users the freedom and flexibility to maximize valuable screen space across one or more monitors. Administrative features. Sign-in device restriction. Create a list of specific devices with which a user may sign into Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard. Configuration lockdown.

Password-protect key configuration settings to prevent accidental changes by your users. Application dial rules synchronization. See Release Notes for detailed operating system and Cisco Unified Communications Manager version interoperability requirements. Table 2. System Requirements. Available disk space. Operating system. One of the following operating systems see Release Notes for detailed operating system and Cisco Unified Communications Manager version interoperability requirements :.

Find warranty information on Cisco. To place an order, go to How to Buy. You can download software here. Table 3. Ordering Information. Product Name. Delivery Method. Top-Level Configuration Product Number. Product Number. Directory Features. If you use Active Directory to manage your corporate directory, you can synchronize that data directly with the attendant console directory. Or use Cisco Unified Communications Manager as the directory source.

Manually add individual contacts. Operators may add individual contacts directly to their searchable directory for more flexibility. Bulk add, update, and delete contacts. Personal directory groups. Each operator can create and share up to custom directory groups, displayed as tabs across the top of the directory.

These directory groups are subsets of the full directory, which is synchronized with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Your operators can create personal directory groups by using live directory filters or by dragging and dropping individual contacts. This enables them to be confident that their groups are always up to date. Search options. Six directory search fields are provided. They allow the operator to find call destinations quickly and then dispatch calls quickly.

Search options include last name, first name, department, extension, job title, and location, and they can be customized within each attendant console client. Presence integration. Operators can view each contact's Cisco Unified Presence status directly from the attendant console directory. They can manage calls more efficiently by seeing whether a particular contact is available to take a call. Microsoft OCS and Microsoft Lync are also supported presence sources in the attendant console directory.

Telephony Features. Operator handset ringing. When a call comes into a queue configured with operator handset ringing, the call is sent directly to the handset of the operator who has been logged in to that queue the longest. This feature lets operators answer the call from a wireless headset while away from their desks. The wireless headset is not included.

Transfer reversion call recall. Enable a transferred call to revert back to the operator so that it can be answered and then transferred to a new destination. Call park. With call park, the operator can place a caller on hold while announcing that a call is on hold and waiting for a particular person or group.

The call can be answered from any phone by dialing the park extension. Call park recall. If a parked call is not answered, it reverts back to the operator so that it can be transferred to a new destination. Call toggle. Call toggle allows the operator to shift between callers. The conference feature allows the operator to provide a third-party conference call.

Emergency Mode switch. Redirect all calls to another destination if an emergency such as a natural disaster or weather event occurs. This manual switch lets you stay in touch with callers or alert them that the business is closed until further notice. Out-of-hours routing. For each queue, define specific blocks of time and where to send calls during that time. Create templates that you can apply to queues.

Set up call routing for recurring holidays. Additional Features. High availability additional license per server. Auto-unavailable on idle. Adjustable font size. Changing the font size is one of the many ways in which individual users can tailor the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced application to best suit their needs.

Server-based console preferences. Many of the attendant console client preferences can now follow users to different PCs running Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced. Gain a better understanding of call volumes by operator and queue, the queues that have the most abandoned calls, and other important metrics through attendant console reports.

Reports are easily accessible through the web-based administration tool. VMware support. Attendant console client localization. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is not supported. Tables 2 and 3 list the server and client system requirements for Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced.

Table 2. System Requirements for Server. Available disk space. Operating system. One of the following operating systems, with Windows regional settings set to English:. Additionally, the following software packages should be installed on the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced server:. One of the following databases:. You can install the client software on many PCs, but only up to 50 can be concurrently logged into a server. Table 3. System Requirements for Client. One of the following operating systems:.

Find warranty information on Cisco. You must order a Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced license for each concurrent operator login. A maximum of 50 concurrent operator client logins are supported per Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced server.

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Check tick Resend on Failure. If this fails, you should double-check the details you entered. In the next window, you should wait till all the call data get loaded to your account. This should not take more than 10 minutes. Also, make some test calls with your PBX to include a few incoming, outgoing.

If the issue is still unresolved, please schedule a Free remote installation service by clicking the button. After a few minutes, you should receive 4 OK and windows change to the following message on your screen. You can make as many as 50 dashboards as you want in the PBXDom. You can add up to 12 widgets in each dashboard from more than 60 available widgets. You can find more information about the dashboard and widget on the following page:.

Dashboard Help. Also, you can share a read-only dashboard all across your entire organization. Finally, you can find a complete set of reports, charts in the reports and chart section. Report Help. I hope this article helps you find a straightforward solution for making a dashboard for CUCM systems and deep insight into your voice traffic in your organization.

Sign In. Reza Mousavi. Step 3: Before beginning Cisco CallManager Dashboard set up, you will need: 1-Administrator access to the computer on which you will install. Step 4: Download the Collector software by click on the Download button and go to the next step. Step 5: Install collector software, copy your license key, paste it into your collector, and press the register button. You Might Also Like. Best Cisco Call Manager Training of Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Linkedin. Cisco Avaya Mitel Asterisk Menu.

All rights reserved. Facebook messenger. Hacker News. Short link. Powered by WP Socializer. Copy short link. Copy link. Bridge Operator Console - Skype for Business. See who is on the phone, call details, user status. See who has their phone DND'd or Forwarded. Optional Exchange Connector gives calendar status and location. Multiple Line Support. BOC supports call monitoring and control on multiple lines or DNs. Any shared lines are added automatically, and non shared DNs can be added in seconds.

BOC has been successfully tested with up to 36 shared lines on a single phone. Call Control. Transfer a call, Hold, Resume, Hang-up, Park a call, Park a call for specific person, Transfer call to user's voicemail. Supports multiple extensions on the same phone.

Blind and Supervised Transfers. Caller History. Quickly see who you have called, and who has called you. Chat with other users on your network without data going over the internet. Auto detect if user is also running Skype for Business or Jabber, and direct chat without leaving the program.

Calendar Status. Information is kept blind by default, but gives the operator enough information to know the status and return time. My Status. Optional Exchange Connector, and Google Connector shows all users status automatically.

Call Transfer. Drag and Drop, double click, keyboard, right click, and number pad free form transfer available. Transfer to external Active directory numbers, personal or shared address book numbers. Supports both blind and supervised transfer, as well as transfer to voicemail. Call Redirect. Users can redirect a ringing call for another user back to them. This can be useful when covering for someone, or the need to retrieve a transferred call. Administrators can also setup automatic call redirection at the server level if desired.

Inbound Redirection. Admins can give operators the ability to create inbound redirection rules, to automatically redirect telemarketers based on CID number or name to a destination of their choosing. Call Forwarding. Server time controlled call forward. Can be used to forward a phone until a certain time, then it goes away automatically. User Searching. Users can easily find other users with global search box.

Any part of the users first name, last name, department, title, MyAB category, or extension will result in an immediate filter, allowing easy call handling. You can also with 1 toggle button click, search in only 1 extension group, making it easy to find a user in a department or location when only a first name is known.

Outlook Add-ins. Allows right click dialing from email and contacts. Also includes contact ribbon buttons see graphic. Global Address Book. A shared depository that can be hooked easily to any 3rd party data source as well. Administrators can decided who has write access on the server. Support import from CSV files as well. Extension Groups. A screen allowing you to mix and match extensions shown. Ideal for departments spread across multiple locations. Custom Sort Order.

Order the extensions in any way you like and save it as default. Park For. Park a call for a specific user. Their client will notify them automatically of a parked call. Users running the client can call control parked calls for them with the notification screen, including swap a current call with a parked call. If you have configured phone messaging on the server, their IP phone will also make a sound, and display a screen with the park call notification, and option buttons. Exclude Extensions.

Easily exclude extensions from your display screen. Mobile Devices. Custom Address Books. Categorically store mobile numbers, or other number outside the system. Once in search and right click, double click, or drag and drop transfer is available to these numbers.

Client Detection. XMPP Chat. Profile Pictures. You can assign pictures to extensions, My address book entries, Global address book entries, caller ID number, and caller ID names, making it easy to see who's calling.

Optional security that prompts for client login. Administrators can also limit CID visibility, and certain program features. Dial Match or Emergency Notifications. Email notification, or direct phone screen messages to selected users if someone dials or any other list of selected numbers.

Build notification rules for specific networks.

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