Cisco wlc 4402 software upgrade

cisco wlc 4402 software upgrade

Using The Gui To Upgrade Controller Software - Cisco Series Configuration Manual. Wireless lan controller. Show thumbs. Also See for Series. Q. What happens to the wireless network when I perform a software upgrade? The WLC with two gigabit Ethernet ports comes in configurations that. The Cisco Wireless LAN Controller connects to the network using one or To use Cisco WCS to upgrade software, refer to the Cisco Wireless Control. THUNDERBIRD SYNCHRONIZE ALL FOLDERS Сообщаю Для вас, что.

However you can't assign default gateway to the clients. Yes, this can be done with the - hyphen key. Use this key to re-enter the previous parameter value. Instead of entering the username as admin , you enter it as adminn. In order to correct this, enter - hyphen key at the next prompt, then click Enter. The system returns to the previous parameter. An user can enter only 31 characters. Currently there is no workaround for this. When enabled, the Management via Wireless feature allows a wireless client to reach or manage only the WLC to which its associated access point is registered.

This is implemented for security, and recently was tightened down to just the one WLC in order to limit exposure. This feature is supported for all management tasks, except uploads to and downloads from transfers to and from the WLC. Note: When you enable this option, you can expose the data. Ensure that you have enabled a proper authentication and encryption scheme. Yes, it is possible to create a mobility group between a Catalyst Switch with an integrated controller and a WLC.

These are the 2 basic requirements that need to be maintained when you use mobility anchor in order to configure WLCs for guest access. Note: You can configure configure redundant anchor WLCs. The interoperability of a WLC can be improved through these options:. Proprietary features reduce the chance of interoperability between third party devices. These are the proprietary features of Cisco: Aironet IE - Aironet IE contains information, such as the access point name, load, number of associated clients, and so on sent out by the access point in the beacon and probe responses of the WLAN.

CCX clients use this information to choose the best access point with which to associate. MFP: Management Frame Protection is a feature introduced to protect the management frames, such as de-authentication, disassociation, beacons, and probes wherein the access point adds a Message Integrity Check Information Element MIC IE to each of the management frames.

Click the WLAN to which the client wants to associate. Short Preamble—A short preamble improves the throughput performance and is enabled by default. Certain devices, such as SpectraLink Phones can work only with long preambles. In such cases, it helps in association to uncheck short preambles. Then click the Uncheck the Short Preamble box.

Note: Make sure that you have strong authentication mechanisms in place since unintended clients can associate to your wireless network. Disable aggressive load balancing globally on the WLC. APs that are not part of your wireless deployment are called rogue APs. Rogue APs cannot be automatically blocked. This must be done manually. The reason for this is that, when a rogue AP is found, the finding AP disassociates the clients of the rogue AP, which causes denial of service to the clients.

This can cause legal issues if the AP of the neighbor is detected as a rogue, and its clients are denied service. The Series wireless LAN controller supports up to rogues, which includes acknowledged rogues, while the Series supports rogues. HPOV can perform things such as running scripts to send email on receipt of particular traps. HPOV is a Hewlett Packard product range that consists of an extensive portfolio of network and systems management products.

HPOV is most commonly described as a suite of software applications which allow large-scale system and network management of an organization's IT assets. HPOV includes hundreds of optional modules from HP as well as thousands of third parties which connect within the well-defined framework and communicate with one another.

In controller software releases earlier than 4. This behavior creates a problem for the guest anchor feature where one controller is expected to be outside the firewall. Mobility message payloads carry IP address information about the source controller. This behavior poses a problem when a NAT device is introduced in the network because it changes the source IP address in the IP header.

In controller software release 4. Because the source IP address is changed due to the mapping in the NAT device, the Mobility Group database is searched before a reply is sent to get the IP address of the controller that makes the request. This is done with the MAC address of the controller that makes the request.

No, the port speed on the WLC cannot be changed. These are set at mbps, full duplex speed only. RRM possibly does not work for any of these reasons. If any of these condition fails, the RRM does not work. The auto RRM feature includes channel adjustment, power adjustment, and coverage hole detection. These features do not work if they are either disabled or the method of assignment is chosen as manual. While a fresh AP boots up, it initially keeps power at the default value of 1 highest.

If not successful because the channels are manually fixed or there are more APs than channels available, the AP drops its power level. Through version 4. With WLC version 4. NAT allows a device, such as a router, to act as an agent between the Internet public and a local network private. In this case, it maps the controller's intranet IP addresses to a corresponding external address. Use the config Note: You must use this command to disable the network before you use other config This command can be used any time the CLI interface is active.

Here is an example on how to disable AP01 In order to disable AP01 Alternatively, you can use this command in order to disable the You can upgrade or downgrade the WLC software only between two releases. In order to upgrade or downgrade beyond two releases, you must first install an intermediate release. For example, if your WLC runs a 4.

If your WLC runs a 3. In order to know the upgrade path for any WLC version, refer to the Release Notes of the corresponding release. Beamforming also called ClientLink is a spatial-filtering mechanism used at a transmitter to improve the received signal power or signal-to-noise SNR ratio at an intended receiver client.

Beamforming uses multiple transmit antennas to focus transmissions in the direction of an Beamforming is supported on Cisco Aironet and series access points and works with all existing It is disabled by default. However the client movement from one AP to other is entirely controlled by the client. The radio within the client determines when the client wants to move from one AP to the other. Hosts continue to forward IP packets to this consistent IP and MAC address even when one of the switches go down and change over to a standby device takes place.

Complete these steps in order to resolve the routing issue:. Upgrade the WLC in order to resolve this issue. Make sure the virtual interface on the WLC is properly configured. How do I prevent loops on the WLC? Click the Spanning Tree option, and choose Enable for Spanning Tree Algorithm located on the right side of the application. By default, STP need not be enabled to prevent loops. Only one port is used at a particular point of time.

Traffic from the WLAN is forwarded only through the primary port. WLC never uses the secondary port when the primary port is active. WLC uses the secondary port only when the primary port is down, so loops will not occur by default. You can use option 82 in order to provide additional security. Option 82 blocks IP addresses to unauthorized clients that access the network.

If you forget your password in WLC version 5. Complete these steps in order to configure a new user name and password. After the controller boots up, enter Restore-Password at the user prompt. Note: For security reasons, the text that you enter does not appear on the controller console. At the Enter User Name prompt, enter a new user name. At the Enter Password prompt, enter a new password. At the Re-enter Password prompt, re-enter the new password.

The controller validates and stores your entries in the database. When the User prompt reappears, enter your new username. When the Password prompt appears, enter your new password. The controller logs you in with your new username and password. Note: For WLCs that run earlier versions of firmware prior to 5. Or, if you did not save the configuration on the WLC after you deleted the user, then a reboot power cycling of the WLC should bring it back up with the deleted user still in the system.

If you do not have the default admin account or another user account with which you can log in, your only option is to default the WLC to factory settings and reconfigure it from scratch. In order to configure the bridge in Local Mode, complete these steps:. Click on the AP for which you need to change the mode. Check the option AP mode. If it says Bridge, then change it back to Local. The WLANs page appears. This page lists the WLANs that are configured. Check if the interface is configured appropriately.

For detailed information on troubleshooting client issues, refer to these documents. What can be the possible reason for this? Whereas, an LAP can only operate in Layer 3 mode. Layer 2 mode is not supported on the LAP.

Change this to Layer 3 and reboot the WLC. This bug is fixed in WLC firmware versions 3. One of the reasons can be that multicast mode is disabled on the WLC. The AP sees more than 24 neighbors. The neighbor list size is 24, so the 25th AP is reported as a rogue.

Therefore, it cannot be validated as a neighbor. Click Rogue Aps in the left side menu. From the Rogue-AP list, choose the specific access point and click Edit. From the Update Status menu, choose Known internal. Click Apply. This bug is fixed in version 4. I have configured my DHCP server with option In these cases, issue the debug dhcp detail command on the AP side in order to see if the AP successfully receives the option 43 information and what it receives.

This problem occurs when these registered APs are in close proximity with each other. This is because the 1. This can be disabled with the config dhcp proxy disable command. This command will replace the 1. This fallback does not occur immediately after reboot. It might take some time. Upgrade your WLC to this version. Encryption of configuration files is already available in WLCs.

You can force the file to be encrypted through WCS in this way. Click on a WLC. In the left-hand side, click the commands option. You receive a list of controller commands. At this time, you see this message: Note: Configuration file encryption key is not set. Downloading configuration file will fail if encryption key is needed. Please click here to setup encryption. Controller software release 5.

This feature affects only access points with 8 MB of flash the , , and series access points. All newer access points have a larger flash size than 8 MB. As of August , there are no oversized access point images, but as new features are added, the access point image size will continue to grow. How do I configure my WLC for basic operation? What are the various options available to access the WLC? How do I access the GUI configuration wizard on a controller?

How do I access the WLC from a remote location? Can I configure a LAG connection that spans across multiple switches? How does a WLC switch packets? When should I use the master controller mode on a WLC? I have multiple WLCs in my network. Is there any device or software available to manage multiple WLCs in my network? How do I edit the WLC configuration file? Andrew Hancock - VMware vExpert.

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