Cisco it essential pc hardware and software ppt notes

cisco it essential pc hardware and software ppt notes

Stream ciphers operate on a single bit (byte or computer word) at a time and necessary to implement the cipher in software or hardware, respectively. If the PC has a headset that's plugged in, Cisco video devices won't be detected If an object in a PowerPoint presentation does not display correctly in. by Scott Stephenson and conducts instructor training for the Cisco IT Essentials (A+) course. Cisco IT Essentials. Chapter Reviews PowerPoint Logo. OS X VNC SERVER LION Сообщаю Для вас, что.

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Cisco it essential pc hardware and software ppt notes splashtop wifi display windows 10 cisco it essential pc hardware and software ppt notes

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Too much heat can damage components. A case fan makes the cooling process more efficient. Fans can be dedicated to cool the Graphics-processing unit GPU. Random-access memory RAM RAM is temporary storage for data and programs that are being accessed by the CPU RAM is volatile memory, which means that the contents are erased when the computer is powered off More RAM means more capacity to hold and process large programs and files, as well as enhance system performance.

The speed of memory has a direct impact on how much data a processor can process because faster memory improves the performance of the processor. They may be fixed or removable. The hard disk drive HDD is a magnetic storage device. The storage capacity is measured in gigabytes GB.

Magnetic hard drives have drive motors designed to spin magnetic platters and move the drive heads. Solid state drives SSDs do not have moving parts, which results in faster access to data, higher reliability, reduced power usage.

A floppy disk drive FDD is storage device that uses removable 3. A flash drive is a removable storage device that connects to a USB port. A flash drive uses a type of memory that requires no power to maintain the data. Front panel cables connect the case buttons and lights to the motherboard.

Data cables connect drives to the drive controller. A telephone cable RJ11 is used to connect a modem to a telephone outlet. USB is a standard interface for connecting hot-swappable peripheral devices to a computer. Some devices can also be powered through the USB port. FireWire is a high-speed, hot-swappable interface that can support up to 63 devices. Some devices can also be powered through the FireWire port.

A parallel cable is used to connect parallel devices, such as a printer or scanner, and can transmit 8 bits of data at one time. The maximum length of network cable is feet m. An audio port connects audio devices to the computer. A video port connects a monitor cable to a computer.

Most televisions also use this technology. LCD comes in two forms, active matrix and passive matrix. Higher resolution settings produce better image quality. Scanners create electronic file version of paper documents. Speakers and headphones are output devices for reproducing audio signals. A personal computer system consists of hardware components and software applications.

The computer case and power supply must be chosen carefully to support the hardware inside the case and allow for the addition of components. The internal components of a computer are selected for specific features and functions. All internal components must be compatible with the motherboard. You should use the correct type of ports and cables when connecting devices. Typical output devices include monitors, printers, and speakers.

System resources must be assigned to computer components. Cisco Public Related Papers. By Believe Paul. Download pdf. Download and Install it on your phone. However, the Orbi router owners should use the Orbi app, that would have been used when first setting up the mesh networking system.

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