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splashtop software

Splashtop Streamer is the desktop application that you need to be able to use Splashtop 2, an Android and iOS app that allows you to control your computer. Please visit dadi.mirzakon.ru to signup for free trial of Splashtop Remote Support. Deploy Code can be created on. Fast and secure solutions for remote work, remote support, remote learning, and more at the best value. Splashtop remote access is #1 in user satisfaction. CITRIX DESKTOP APPLIANCE Сообщаю Для вас, что.

For commercial use in a professional environment, please use Splashtop Business which is designed for the workplace offering enhanced manageability, security, and compliance www. Use the built-in profiles for popular apps or create your own. Great for presentations and classroom instruction.

Reviews Review policy and info. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by Splashtop See more. Splashtop Wired XDisplay Free. Use your Android as an extra monitor to your PC! Splashtop SOS. The company charges an annual subscription fee for use of its products. Remote computer access software for businesses, teams and individuals.

Remote support software for IT support and help desks. Users are able to provide on-demand attended support to their clients' computers and mobile devices. Remote support and endpoint management software designed for MSPs. MSPs are able to remotely support their internal and client computers and provide users with remote access. All-in-one remote access and remote support solution for organizations. Organizations are able to give employees remote access to computers and provide remote support for computers and mobile devices.

All-in-one remote access and remote support solution for educational institutions. Education IT admins are able to deploy, manage, and schedule remote access for students' and faculty members' on-campus lab computers through a centralized console. Flexible grouping and access permissions allow IT admins to give students and instructors access only to the computers they need. All-in-one self-hosted remote access and remote support solution for organizations.

Splashtop remote desktop applications map the screen of the mobile device to the screen of the remote computer, so that users can interact with the remote computer. For desktop computers, the keyboard and mouse of the client computer will control the same functions on the server computer.

Where a mobile device controls a desktop computer, Splashtop uses touch-to-click controls and zooms using the pinch gesture. Gestures are used to replace mouse and keyboard controls. For example, a two-finger drag gesture is used to scroll within windows, generally mapping to the mouse wheel controller.

Splashtop uses a modified version of the mobile keyboard which includes special keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, or Delete. Splashtop also has support for Mac OS X Splashtop Inc. The company was founded in under the name DeviceVM Inc. The company partners with OEMs and manufacturers to integrate this technology into personal computers.

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LogMeIn Pro is a very powerful remote access system which handles every major functionality in the field, with remote viewing being their strongest suit. You also get a solid number of customization features here. A free trial version is also a nifty way to test out the app. While LogMeIn Pro is a good remote tool for small businesses, it does not necessarily scale up to large businesses as well as some might expect. There have also been some complaints in the past about shoddy customer service, although it seems they are improving that all the time.

It is a no frills affordable piece of software that takes care of most basic remote tools. The tool to transfer files is a snap and means less emailing and more organization. Multi-monitor support works quite well despite this being a trickier feature for other apps. One cool thing is that it has sound features: You can hear the music of the host computer you are accessing.

GoToMyPC is incredibly easy to set up, deploy and learn, meaning your team will have little downtime once they get up on this app. GoToMyPC has great credibility when it comes to privacy and security. Though this is a relatively simple application, when you do need help, it can be a bit tough to get the right kind of customer support.

The chatbot triage is weak and frustrating. There have also been issues reported surrounding logging in and logging out times. If you want to be able to access remote computers when you know all involved are working on the Google Chrome browser or with Chromebooks, then Chrome Remote Desktop is a strong contender.

You can easily access your computer from anywhere on the go with very little set-up fuss. For collaboration in real-time, you can share screens with teammates. This is also a great way to do troubleshooting if you need to give IT professionals permission to access your computer during a remote session.

If you live and work on Google, the Chrome browser, or even Google Drive, then the Chrome Remote Desktop tool is a real winning piece of technology. It scores major points for its simplicity and ease of set-up. On top of that, it is free. This is more of a personal remote computer tool. That means it may be lacking in functionalities when it comes to more professional uses. In that way, it could be limiting regarding things like heavy file transfer or intensive tech support. SplashTop comes right out of the belly of the beast: Silicon Valley.

So they know their tech. They claim to have over 30 million users and over million active sessions. SplashTop does remote access and remote support software from a number of solutions. These include remote desktop, remote learning, working from home and even a VPN alternative. The SplashTop company has many individual products for personal use, businesses and enterprises.

SplashTop has many benefits and advantages specifically for businesses and individual entrepreneurs. It really lets small support teams take on the tasks of larger ones. The file transfer and remote printing are particularly strong for SplashTop. The platform support is another advantage to this remote software solution. Perhaps one of the main disadvantages of SplashTop is its pricing system.

It can be a bit complicated with many different products and add-ons. Zoho is a major player when it comes to cloud computing business SaaS, and very famous for its CRM platform. Zoho Assist is their version of remote access software. It specializes in unattended remote access. You get multi-monitor functionality, screen sharing, file transfer, and voice and video chat and messaging.

Other support solutions include diagnostic tools and session recording. You can also share your entire device with one click to mobile apps for mobile support. There are integrations for Android devices, Apple devices like iOS and iPads and other service desk solution tools. Zoho wins major points for having a great UI, very clean and minimal and intuitive. This is the look and feel we expect from most contemporary SaaS. You might run into some limitations when it comes to things like remote printing and screen sharing.

However, one can count on Zoho to always be improving their user experience. VNC Connect is their main remote access product. It works well across many operating systems. You get attended and unattended access. The more advanced packages let you create virtual desktops and workstations via Linux. VNC Connect is a decent tool for online remote team management.

It makes it easy to remotely assign roles and permissions and keep remote teams in check. Finally, the price is very competitive. While VNC does offer some mobile support, the mobile app could stand for a bit of a clean up and upgrade. Brought to you by Devolutions, Remote Desktop Manager is a straightforward app to handle remote connections and password management. The latter stores all passwords and credentials in a secure remote system.

Remote Desktop Manager has a range of IT solutions, like data sourcing and multiple vaults. Session sharing is quick and simple, with many tools for remote management to delegate tasks and set user access permission levels. One of the good things here is the integrations. Another major benefit to this software is that there is a free version. Finally, the security here is among the best.

While the free version is great, it does lack some of the more crucial functionalities. These include the shared database and vaults, two-factor authentication, reporting and auditing tools and a system that does role-based access. AnyDesk started in when its creators were determined to make remote desktop software as lightning-fast as possible.

Based out of Germany, today the app has been downloaded over million times. For access and control you got your desktop sharing, and interactive access that lets you control the keyboard or mouse of other computers. AnyDesk does unattended access nicely.

You got mobile device management for iOS and Android phones. For collaboration there is whiteboard sharing, chat and messaging, and you can invite people to join sessions with minimal clicks. AnyDesk might be the fastest remote tool out there, and this is one of its major advantages.

Roger from ComputeRx. Time Used: More than 2 years. Splashtop Remote inexpensive but missing some crucial features. Splashtop is a value-driven application, which although doesn't have all the bells and whistles of its more expensive competitors, does provide, basic solid, fast remote connections to a group of devices on a regular basis, but also has the capability of doing one-off sessions.

Dan from dmi Networking. Review Source. A good piece of software, although it's bare-bones and a bit slow in comparison with others. Splashtop has a good price point and is decent entry-level remote control software, although there are alternatives that perform better. It's hard to beat the price, though. Test a few before you decide. Super simple to deploy, with support for Macs and PCs.

It integrates very well with programs like Autotask, making it very easy to connect to a managed computer that you are also monitoring with Autotask Endpoint Management. Lightweight, small program that is very quick to install.

In our testing it ran slower than LogMeIn and Teamviewer. There weren't as many options to decrease the resolution to increase network speed, although they may have added that feature as we used this about a year ago. We had trouble connecting to PCs that were in portrait mode, and wouldn't switch to Landscape mode without crashing on some systems. Ray from EmpowerUp. Company Size: 1 employee. Industry: E-Learning. The software is relatively simple to use and the fact it allows me to help on iOS as well as computer is a bonus, never have had any issues with it.

A limitation that Apple has set up to make it difficult for screensharing programs to be "plug and play" impacts non techy users from setting up these types of software with ease. Splashtop has a great visual to help users but still could use improvement as the steps aren't as clear for non techy users. Splashtop Remote Support vs Slack. Splashtop Remote Support vs TeamViewer. Splashtop Remote Support vs Webex. Splashtop Remote Support vs Freshdesk. Splashtop Remote Support vs Remote Support.

In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Call us for a Free FastStart Consultation: Get Advice. Other Software. About Splashtop Remote Support Splashtop is a remote support solution designed for managed service providers, IT professionals and help desk staff. Full view. Autotask integration.

Value for money. Customer support. Ratings Snapshot 5 stars. Likelihood to Recommend Not likely Very likely. November Cons It was a bit difficult to maneuver at first, trying to get the screen to fit was the worse, i eventually got it and it works fine,. May February Splashtop Remote inexpensive but missing some crucial features Splashtop is a value-driven application, which although doesn't have all the bells and whistles of its more expensive competitors, does provide, basic solid, fast remote connections to a group of devices on a regular basis, but also has the capability of doing one-off sessions.

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Features are slick and well-designed, easy to access. Installer is great and can be automated in a windows environment. It lacks some of the "big boy" features that other remoting softwares can provide, but those cost heaps more money.

Support is basically a knowledge base, which is lacking, but honestly enough because it's pretty stable. Pam from Canton ISD. Industry: Education Management. Great for Projecting Anything from your desktop. Splashtop has been a lifesaver for remote leaning. It lets me access my files and share with my students. In the classroom, it lets me put anything on my desktop on the projector so that I can interact with my students.

Easy to install and use. It lets me project my classroom notes and documents so the entire class can follow along easily. Kiran from Mine. Time Used: Less than 6 months. Overall i am satisfied with the software , works perfectly for my use. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an efficient and secure way of providing support to remote desktops. As soon as the user connects through the software the connection starts immediately with no lagging. The chat support is excellent as i can check with the other computer if they need any information.

Matt from Graham Waste Services Inc. Industry: Construction. Any time I have contacted support with a question they were always fast, friendly, and helpful. I haven't needed to contact them about any major issues because it performs like it is supposed to and has never given me any trouble. Splashtop was incredibly easy to setup, and is very user friendly. It has all of the features we need and offers features we didn't think we would use but they turned out to be a great bonus to have.

There are a few minor features that would be nice to have, like seeing the user activity status on the main screen of the business app, and we have submitted feature requests, hopefully they will be added in an upcoming product update. LogMeIn has a few different bells and whistles that we never used but they in no way justified the massive difference in cost.

We made the switch from LogMeIn to Splashtop mainly based on cost. Splashtop gives me all the important functionality and features of LogMeIn at a fraction of the price. Mike from Clock Medical Supply. Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness. I wish I knew about it earlier. They should advertise better especially to IT professionals. LogMeIn was good but they started charging way too much. Splashtop helps me in the ability to remote into my PC's without having the user do anything as it loads a small app on the PC that I can see when its online and remote in at will.

It also has the ability to let me into any PC that can get on the internet and provide a number that will allow me to get in giving me even more PC's I can access remotely. I can access this on my iPhone to remote into PCs as well giving me the ability to do support anywhere and anytime. They supply updates regularly to keep it running in tip top shape.

There is not much it can't do. As long as they fix bugs that come up sometimes, and they do, its all good. Ryan from Bob's Rentals. While the Remote Support product is pretty easy to figure out, there were a few questions along the way.

The support team was very responsive - I used email and chat options. We reviewed several products for our company and Splashtop handled our primary needs for supporting our workstations remotely. One of the biggest pros was the inclusion of the employee remote access to their PC's - especially during these WFH times! We ended up saving a substantial amount of money due to the consolidation of IT Remote Support tool and the Employee Remote Access into one product.

I wish there were more alerts and reporting available, as well as more information provided for each workstation. One product built into one and the price was perfect - especially for the size of our organization 75 employees. Was looking for an a more robust and cost effective method.

This consolidated two products into one. Albert from Click and Connect. Great Functionality and better bang for buck against Teamviewer. I'm an MSP providing support to small to medium size businesses, I need a cost effective, reliable mobile support tool for all operating systems and Splashtop does it for me. I moved from Teamviewer as it was expensive and cumbersome and wasn't able to support me with a solution unique to my business.

Easy to use, better screen render than teamviewer, easy to install and great admin controls. Also allowed me to distribute and manage remote administrators. Sometimes it does not work and no reason for connection issues. Cost, reliability and customisation of costs to the functions I needed. The most interesting in this software is how that is efficient and easy to install and make all needed setups. After, of course the price compare to equivalent platform is unrivaled.

With the deploy app process is very easy to install on all machine with a minimum configuration needed. The view on all machines reachable is efficient and easy to setup to give access different machines users, groups Of course, there are several improvements needed but the basic functions are already impressive, efficient, and work how they are supposed to work. I already used the personal version on the begin iOS app and see the efficiency and easy to use.

The price was also a point to take in count. Shawn from Devenish. Industry: Industrial Automation. Overall great features, great support, great pricing. All pros. Super easy to setup, deploy, and maintain. Cost was a driving factor and it fit well into my budgetary guidelines No cons to speak of.

It has met our needs and has done so well in the 2 years we've been using Splashtop. Eli from the project station llc. I was looking for a reasonably priced remote support solution that also enabled me to have clients use the same software to access their computers as well. Once the COVID hit this software enabled me to access smaller clients that did not have any remote access abilities to continue to provide support.

The ability to create specific installation files with specific configurations for specific clients. Also the ability to create users that can only access certain groups of computers. Set up was super easy and support is accessible and knowledgable. The cost for the basic remote support package Splashtop offers was what made me sign up. It was very reasonable and worth every penny. The cost in addition to being able to create different users so some clients can have remote access was key for me.

LogMeIn was way way too expensive and it did not meet all of my needs as Splashtop does. It's invaluable to my job as a customer support agent. I love using it and it makes things very simple. It's not too clunky, it has a simple interface, and it's at a very affordable price point for small businesses. The default option is to not show the remote cursor, which makes it difficult if you are working with a customer and forget to turn it on beforehand.

Coy from Oldetowne Tax and Accounting. Industry: Accounting. Ability to purchase 25 users at a reasonable price so I can access clients without them having to purchase an expensive remote access software. Splashtop has been a near perfect solution for our internal support needs. Every workstation in our organization can be accessed to provide support. Easy and customizable deployment, runs as a service on remote station, client automatically updates, mobile friendly interface.

Access is to the desktop only, would be nice to have access to services, task manager, and system updates without logging in to desktop. System resource usage seems a little excessive during the remote session. Michael from Straticel Solutions. This is a very good product and it is very-well priced. I use both this product and TeamViewer. It has almost all the same remote support features, and it connects very smoothly.

Also, the best distinguishing feature is the deployment setup. It makes it very easy to configure one deployment and deploy it on several computers. The ONLY issue I have a problem with and this is big to me is that there is a slight lag whilst already connected.

I use the software side-by-side with TeamViewer and the time to send commands, typing, mouse clicks, etc. I hope that this can be improved, because otherwise this is a very good produce. I liked the multi-monitor support the most and also the deployment methods. I do not like the lag in the connection when sending typing and mouse clicks to remote computer.

Kyle from RDA Systems. Remote support company using Splashtop for supporting users. Overall, we are happy with splashtop. It is relatively inexpensive and it is very easy for our customers to user. The software is very easy for our customers to use.

The download file automatically downloads and opens the file onto their computer. From there they just give us a code and we can access their PC. It would be nice to have more chatting and voice features built into the software. It also only allows one user to access someone desktop at a time.

For example, if we have two remote support users working on the same ticket it would be nice for both to be able to view the customers computer. Sabrina from Meditab. Company Size: 1,, employees. Industry: Computer Software. Review Source: GetApp. I've loved this software as soon as we started using it. It is easy to find servers you want to remotly connect to You can save the credentials so the program will automatically open that server for you next time.

It is fast and it's super easy to use. Organized and tidy. When you make the toolbar on top dissappear it's hard to know how to get it back to close the remote control window!. Great remote desktop software with incredible features! Being able to control my devices from a distance especially when you are trying to troubleshoot a problem. At times, I would be at home or on the road and need a file or documents from my work PC and this software makes it quite easy to access my devices over the net.

The only issues i have is how it works when there is a poor internet connection. Tho this isn't an issue with the software but id rather it prompt me with the error notification much quicker than just lagging which would eventually result in me restarting the application multiple times.

Carl from Infinite Software Solutions. We are happy with the price-feature mix up of this product. This is the most cost effective replacement we have found to logmein. Once Logmein raised prices after being purchased by Cisco we looked for alternatives. We can even. The web interface is a bit dated, could use a face lift, but we rarely use it.

The client interface works well. Overall my experience with Splashtop has been a good one. Easy to use, user friendly, and inexpensive way to remotely access your PC from anywhere. Ease of use- Set up is a breeze and getting support from anywhere is easy and inexpensive.

You have to pay for a subscription. It has become our go to for tech staff working from home, and elsewhere. It is secure, has great features, and has allowed us to do necessary work and provide support outside the office. Allows mas deployment throughout our district to securely remote assist our staff.

It provides chat tools, screen selection for multiple screens, file transfer, and many more features. The pricing model isn't ideal for a large environment like out, so we have had to restrict access to only a few technical staff members. Marsha from eGov Jamaica Ltd.

Company Size: , employees. Industry: Government Administration. We can as a teams remotely access own computers and shared computers with any device. You can access a computer that you've previously installed on from any computer that has an internet connection through their browser.

There is nothing to install on the computer you are accessing from. To set up this is easy run the software on the computer you wish to be able to access, and set the software to allow accessing that computer from the Internet. The ability to access teams remotely access own computers and shared computers with any device. MSP, IT professionals, service providers, and helpdesks can remotely support their clients, computers and provide them with remote access.

I like that about the applications. Continue to develop and improve on the application. Its is a challenge to access a computer that you've previously installed on from any computer that has an internet connection through their browser. Phil from Diamond Computer Incorporated. A great choice for MSPs to offer remote access to clients When COVID hit we were able to use Splashtop to provide simple, flexible and inexpensive remote control for our clients to be able to remote into their business PCs.

Our clients are able to use almost any devices they already have on the remote side and managing the users is straightforward from our side. It supports quite a few types of devices, has a very easy-to-use client interface and makes it simple for us to manage the users. The initial creation of new groups, then users, then deployment packages is a bit clunky. It could easily be streamlined with a step-by-step method of onboarding a new client, inviting users and deploying the product. Manny from Dl Communications.

Would recommend and I had nothing bad to say about this company besides that they can add more features like their competitors. I have used this software several times for remote support and was impressed on the various devices that it supports. With a few clicks you on a user's computer. The software could be improved and I wish they had an area to add scripts to make remote support easier to do.

Glad you're enjoying Splashtop Remote Support. We're working on scripts features for our upcoming Remote Support Premium edition. You can get more info and early access by clicking the Premium option on the Splashtop Remote Support web page. Brian from Information Technology and Services. Have access to monitor over computers using the software. Provides all of the same features as LogMeIn for a much cheaper price.

None, it is reliable and never had issues with setup, installs, or remote connections. Gary from Susan Humphreys. I help people use QuickBooks, and a lot of times they just need a quick screen share for a simple problem. Nathan from Automatiza.

Industry: Consumer Electronics. For the price you can't get a better software. The price was what made me look at this software. For the price it is a really good software. I can connect to my computers remotely and manage without problems. Splashtop impressed me because the price is not high, they are always improving and the speed of connection is awesome.

The first time I tried it I played a video on the remote computer and I was able to watch and hear it fine. It does what its supposed to do, let you remotely connect to a computer in order to manage it. The price is great. This is a very good software but it lacks a lot of the things others that are way more expensive mind you have.

Sometimes the software won't update automatically at the remote computer and sometimes computers just won't be reachable anymore. Jon from Centering Healthcare Institute. Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management. Great tool for managing and supporting PCs remotely. We were using a tool which did not provide elevated permissions on computers which meant some troubleshooting or installation of software remotely was very difficult as we couldn't enter administrator credentials.

The ease of setup and connecting to a PC for elevated remote support. Features such as chat and file transfer are certainly bonuses. Occasionally the antivirus add-on bitdefender has trouble deploying to PCs and that integration could be built out better but overall it's hard to complain at the price.

James from MSP Remote. Overall this product is great and is a asset that brings tremendous value. Cost is low compared to alternatives and the features are rich enough to support customers remotely and get the job done. Wish they would integrate everything into one instead of having to purchase blocks of pc's and having to purchase on-demand separately. Splashtop is a great way to do remote support. Haven't had to use support more than just adding licensing at times and they were great.

The software was very competitively priced and easy to deploy and use and has made us so much more effective at assisting our remote users. Debbie from A Reliable Bookkeeping Service. But it works just as well. As long as they don't jack up the price, I'm good. Easy access to clients computers during the Covid Shutdown. Had it up and running within 2 days. Very easy to use, can print remotely and affordable. Somewhat difficult to get through to tech support during set up but this was due to the surge during the Covid shutdown.

Blake from GCS Services. Remote access for both personal and technical users. I recently pruchased this application to help with remote access during Covid I could not be happier with the outcome. Brian from level1pc. Best price compared to the other top remote paid services. Extremely affordable and full function user-ability for anyone. Easy to install and setup, unattended access for weekly or monthly maintenance schedules, data file transfer, and customer devices database with option to rename device feature.

None that I can think of, other than I Wish the SOS was free, as some of my older customers have trouble installing programs to begin with. Monique from Common Cents Bookkeeping. The remote printing feature and access to the same computer by more than one person at a time making it easy to teach.

The remote printing just wouldn't work. Spent many hours with support for a couple of years but it just didn't work. Michael from Allied Moulded Products. The remote control and management was very good and easy to deploy. We switched to sysaid for better asset management including hardware and software. Also teamviewer is a great support tool for us.

Hi Michael, Thank you for the feedback. I am Antonia from the Customer Success team. May we know more about your use case? Would you mind helping us by describing more how we can help you with your business though our software? Please contact us at customer-success splashtop. Industry: Internet.

Easiest to use, and integrates directly with Autotask. Software rarely has any hiccups and provides an excellent interface. Don't actually have any issues with the software, other than the fact it can be a little resource heavy. So far Splashtop has been a great solution to working from home. This gives my employees the ability to do work from home and not have to come into the office or take piles of work or desktop computers home with them.

We've had no issues with connectivity and have really enjoyed how well this is working for us. It's a relief! This software is incredibly easy to use. We use it to remote into work computers from home. It is safe and secure, and so efficient!

This beats bringing work back and forth from home to the office, plus it gives us the freedom to be able to work from home without bringing the entire desk home with you. This software remotes into another computer, so that means that in the office there is a computer that will be occupied by someone. We really haven't come across anything negative with this product!

One of the problems I have run into with other remote software programs is that the program will go dormant on my end when the operation on the far end is trying to execute a task that requires admin credentials, but I do not have that issue with Splashtop. I am able to get programs updated, and I can access all of the files that are stored on the local hard drives, as well as access the company NAS drive.

I manage a small office's computer systems, and Splashtop is perfect for what I need. I am able to remotely connect to any computer within this office's network to run update. Setting up the client software on opposite was also very easy, and the security involved is very manageable.

Like I said, this software is perfect for my needs, but I could see how this may be lacking in some features for a larger operation. For individuals, the interface is simple and enables you to connect to a remote desktop in just a few clicks. You get access to a file transfer tool, remote printing, and an audio chat tool.

Business teams also get access to advanced features like wake-on-LAN and text chat. For IT professionals, Splashtop offers a robust helpdesk platform. The software enables technicians to connect remotely to unattended computers within your network. Plus, multiple technicians can remotely access a single computer at the same time and network administrators can control user access privileges to manage network security.

Regardless of what Splashtop plan you choose, the software works across a wide range of devices. You can remotely connect to or from an Android or iOS mobile device using the Splashtop app, for example. All plans also include session logging, which is typically reserved for enterprise applications.

Just note that all plans are billed annually—there is no option to pay month-to-month. IT technicians have 2 options. Splashtop offers additional SOS plans that include limited unattended access. Setting up Splashtop for remote access across an entire network of computers is surprisingly easy. Just install the Splashtop control app on the device you want to use for remote control and download the Splashtop streamer app on the devices for remote access. You can access all your connections through your Splashtop account, with no need for additional passwords.

Individual plans and some IT plans offer unattended access, in which case the remote session starts immediately. For IT plans that require attended access, there must be someone at the remote computer to accept the remote session. All devices must be authenticated prior to connection, and you can further protect your account by enabling 2-factor authentication.

Splashtop routes connections through an Amazon Web Services server cloud, which offers built-in firewalls and protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks. Splashtop has a reputation for strong performance, and it lived up to that reputation in testing. When connecting from an Android smartphone to a Windows desktop, there was almost no visible lag. File transfers between the connected devices were also relatively quick.

We found that the wait for help during the business week can be more than 30 minutes by live chat, which is less than ideal if you run into an issue with the software. I have used Splashtop for several years. As a small, independent IT provider, this product fits my budget, meets all of my remote support needs and satisfies my clients. The support staff takes security very seriously. I don't hesitate in recommending Splashtop as an in-house or remote support solution.

Once COVID hit, this software enabled me to access smaller clients that did not have any remote access abilities to continue to provide support. Super easy to set up, deploy, and maintain. Cost was a driving factor and it fit well into my budgetary guidelines. Splashtop is a comprehensive remote desktop software with offerings for individuals, business teams, and IT professionals.

The plans are very reasonably priced and you can access any of your desktop or mobile devices using this software. Better yet, Splashtop takes security and customer service seriously, so you can feel confident about using this software. Check that everything's correct, fill in your details, and submit your review! The listings featured on this site are from companies from which this site receives compensation.

This influences where, how and in what order such listings appear on this site. Advertising Disclosure. Back To List. Splashtop Review. Michael Graw. Splashtop is a one-stop shop for remote desktop software. Splashtop allows you to connect across nearly any device and protects your sessions with strong security features.

On top of all that, Splashtop is impressively affordable. Best for. Individuals, IT professionals, business teams. File Sharing. Real-time Chat. By Michael Graw. Michael Graw is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Pacific Northwest who writes for top Splashtop customer reviews Be the first to write a review.

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