Software para administrar router cisco

software para administrar router cisco

This document describes how to use the Cisco Configuration Professional (Cisco CP) in order to set the basic configuration of the router. Cisco ASA Software delivers enterprise-class security capabilities for the ASA security family in a variety of form factors. IOS XR Software Release Get product information, technical documents, Release Notes for Cisco ASR Series Aggregation Services Routers for. TURBO THUNDERBIRD FOR SALE Сообщаю Для вас, что.

If you've chosen routers carefully, hopefully you're getting started with models that provide easy tools for setup—like a mobile app or web dashboard. Since every router is different, setup won't be the same from router to router.

Below are basic steps that should be common to all router setups. If you don't have a good internet connection, the router setup experience will be frustrating. The simplest method is to connect a computer to the modem or gateway device supplied by your Internet service provider ISP.

If your computer detects an Internet connection, you're ready to set up the router. Here's another "seems obvious" step—but one that will save you aggravation when you're in the middle of setup. Keep an eye out for stickers or slips of paper that might include important setup information, like the router's default username and password.

Many router manufacturers provide mobile apps or web dashboard that can be used for both setup and management. With a smartphone app, you may not have to connect the router to a computer to configure it. Check the documentation that came with your router to see if an app is available. If the router has antennas and they're separate from the router box, you'll need to install them.

In addition, you should extend the antennas before beginning the setup process. The best place for a wireless business router is in an open area of the workplace, as you'll benefit from even coverage. However, sometimes it's not easy to find a space out in the open because you must connect the router to a broadband gateway from your ISP Internet service provider , which is usually attached to a cable near an outside wall.

Another option is to run Ethernet cables through the walls of your office to the chosen central location for the router. Yet another option is to install a mesh network with a router. A mesh network allows you to place multiple Wi-Fi transmitters across your home or office, all on one network. Unlike extenders, which can be used with any wireless router, mesh networks require a router with this capability built-in.

No matter which option you choose, you'll use a basic Ethernet cable, plugged into the router's wide-area network WAN or Internet port. The Internet port is typically set apart from other ports by a different color. Your router's LED lights tell you if you've successfully made an active Internet connection. If you don't see lights confirming such a connection, make sure you've plugged the cable into the correct port.

Confirm that your router has a working connection by plugging a laptop computer into one of the device ports on the back of the router. If all goes well, you should be able to begin a wired connection, just as you did when confirming an active Internet connection. In some cases, ISPs offer customers gateways with built-in routers.

In most cases, these combined devices are not built for business environments, nor do they have extra ports, security, and other options that allow you to add services and expand networks as the business grows. You may need to contact your ISP for help with this step. First, turn off the gateway. If there is already an Ethernet cable plugged into the gateway's local-area network LAN port, unplug the cable and plug it into your router's WAN port.

Turn the gateway back on and wait a few minutes for it to boot up. Plug in the router's power supply and turn it on, again waiting a few minutes. The easiest way to continue with router setup is to use a mobile app if the router maker provided one. If there is no app, or you'd rather use the router's web-based dashboard, connect the router to a computer via an Ethernet cable.

You might find the router's IP address printed on the back of device itself; if not, type To configure the router, you'll need to log in, using its default admin name and password. You can usually find this information printed on the router itself, or in an accompanying user manual. Next, enter the required credentials. Once you're in, you should immediately create a new username and password. The defaults are usually something like "admin" and "password," which are obviously not secure—so make sure to change them at the first opportunity.

Your router may need an update of the "firmware," or software that operates it. Build the workplace of the future now with cameras and sensors that bridge the physical and digital world. Build your network on the platform designed for how people work. Smart spaces. Intelligence around every corner. Easily deliver intuitive smart space experiences everywhere for guests, employees, and students, with advanced IoT technologies. Learn More. Get the report.

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Сообщаю Для вас, что.

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