Cisco docsis configuration software

cisco docsis configuration software

The following example shows configuration of an upstream and downstream STB filter group. Router#configure terminal Router(config)#cable submgmt. The value of this property is set to the DOCSIS version string, such as Note You can specify the DOCSIS version using the Configuration File Utility. For. DOCSIS Cable Plants EuroDOCSIS Cable Plants CHAPTER. 2. Configuring the Cisco CMTS for the First Time Preparing for Configuration ULTRAVNC VIRTUAL SERVER Сообщаю Для вас, что.

Platform support for particular Cisco IOS software releases is dependent on the availability of the software images for those platforms. Software images for some platforms may be deferred, delayed, or changed without prior notice. For updated information about platform support and availability of software images for each Cisco IOS software release, refer to the online release notes or, if supported, Cisco Feature Navigator.

A demonstration version of the Cisco Broadband Configurator tool is available on Cisco. Note You must login as a registered user of CCO to access this link. Each task in the list is identified as either required or optional. Typical users who need to upgrade a large number of cable modems that are already at customers' sites or are still in a distribution center, should use the following set of procedures, which are in the "Upgrading Using the Existing Cisco IOS Software Image" section.

These procedures perform the upgrade using the existing Cisco IOS software image that is on the cable access routers and should be used in most cases:. If you need to upgrade a small number of cable modems or have a few problem cable modems that you could not successfully upgrade using the procedures given above, use the following procedure. This method also performs the upgrade but uses the existing Cisco IOS bootflash software image that is on the routers:.

Most users who need to upgrade a large number of cable modems that are already at customers' sites or are still in a distribution center, should use the following set of procedures. You should typically use these procedures unless otherwise instructed by Cisco TAC or field engineer. Typically, they should be put into the same directory that contains the other Cisco IOS software images.

An easy way to ensure this is by adding "CZ" to the filename for example, cvak9y5-mz. The exact commands will vary depending on your workstation or PC. For example, if you are using a Solaris workstation as your TFTP server, you could give the following commands:. Note The files will be automatically extracted to the "bpi-certs" subdirectory.

Do not rename the certificates because the upgrade procedure requires the main part of the filename to be the cable modem's MAC address six hexadecimal digits separated by hyphens and the extension to be ". Step 4 Make sure the certificate subdirectory and certificates are accessible to all users.

For example, on a Solaris workstation, you would give the following shell commands:. Continue to the next section to create the DOCSIS configuration file that is needed to perform the software image and certificate upgrade. This information is contained in the following configuration file options:. This must specify a software image that has not been digitally signed because digitally signed images can be loaded only by a cable modem that is already running a DOCSIS 1.

These commands are the following:. Each certificate in this directory must have a filename that consists of the cable modem's MAC address six hexadecimal digits separated by hyphens and an extension of ". This configuration file is also available in binary form as the cfg10upg. You must modify this configuration file with the following information that is specific to your network:.

After you have copied the software images and new certificates to the TFTP server, and have created the required DOCSIS configuration files, perform the upgrade using the following procedure:. Step 3 Restart one or all cable modems. If you are using a Cisco CMTS platform, you can do this by using the clear cable modem mac-address reset command to reset an individual cable modem or by using the clear cable modem all reset command to reset all cable modems. On a Cisco CMTS, you can also restart all cable modems on a particular cable interface by using the shutdown and no shutdown commands on the interface.

The router then reloads and boots the Release After the router downloads the new certificates, it reloads a second time and router reboots with the Release However, because the router now has a valid certificate, it aborts the process and begins normal operations. This configuration file is also available in binary form as the cfg11ope.

For a DOCSIS secure software download, you must use a digitally-signed software image, which includes "cvc" as part of the filename. To support a secure software download, you must specify a software image that has been digitally signed includes "cvc" as part of the software filename. However, it does no harm to specify the software image because the router does not download the software unless the specified software image is named differently than the image the router is currently running.

You must also modify this configuration file with the following information that is specific to your network:. To do so, use the following procedure:. This must be a software image that has NOT been digitally signed. Step 2 Use a console connection if available or Telnet to log into the router.

Enter Privileged Exec mode by using the enable command and entering the enable password:. Note If you are still using the cfg10upg. Step 3 Use the dir command to list the contents of the router's bootflash:. If possible, use the filename to determine the Cisco IOS version of the bootflash code. If this is not the case or if you cannot determine the software release, you must use the instructions given in the "Downgrading with a DOCSIS 1.

Step 5 Use the copy tftp command to erase the current Cisco IOS software image and download the older software version to the router's flash:. Step 6 After the download has completed, use the reload command to restart the router with the new software image:. This must be a software image that has been digitally signed with "cvc" as part of the software image filename. The maximum sustained traffic rate MSR specifies the peak information rate of a service flow.

The MSR of a service flow is mapped to the shape rate of the packet queue. When the maximum sustained traffic rate is not specified or set to zero, its traffic rate becomes limited only by the physical channel capacity set by DOCSIS specifications. The scheduler is impacted when the ratio exceeds the value.

The minimum reserved traffic rate MRR specifies the minimum rate reserved for a service flow. The MRR of a service flow is mapped to the CIR of the packet queue, which ensures the minimum amount of bandwidth a queue gets under congestion. The packets in LLQ are serviced with absolute priority over other queues on the same interface. The following service flows require high priority service:. The ERBA feature allows cable modems CMs to burst their temporary transmission rates up to the full line rate for short durations of time.

This capability provides higher bandwidth for instantaneous bandwidth requests without having to make changes to existing service levels in the QoS profile. When ERBA is enabled for the service flow, the peak rate is implemented as the queue shape rate within the scheduler, while the maximum sustained rate is set as the token bucket refill rate. When ERBA is turned off, the burst size and the peak rate value are not used. The maximum traffic burst parameter is used to control a service flow burst duration, to burst up to the channel line rate or a configured peak rate, when it is within its maximum burst size allowance.

On the Cisco cBR-8 Converged Broadband Router, the cable ds-max-burst command is used to control this behavior explicitly. Maximum Sustained Traffic Rate unused. A value computed internally by CMTS unused. The peak-rate option of the cable ds-max-burst command allows you to specify the peak rate an ERBA-enabled service flow can use.

The peak-rate value is a global value and is applied to all service flows created after the configuration of the cable ds-max-burst command. The default value of the peak-rate is zero. However, if ERBA is not turned on for a service flow, the peak-rate value is ignored. The peak-rate value can also be configured through cable service class command which forms part of the service class template.

These downstream service flows are created with a specific peak-rate. If the peak-rate is not specified in he cable modem's configuration file, then the peak rate specified by the cable ds-max-burst burst-threshold threshold peak-rate peak rate command is used. The option to specify peak rate in the cable ds-max-burst command is not available on the Cisco cBR Series Converged Broadband routers.

If a service flow has both service class and TLV Each Bonding Group BG is made up of a collection of downstream channels, which can be used by one or more bonding groups. Each downstream channel can also serve as a primary channel in a MAC domain and carry non-bonded traffic, while being part of a BG. These bonding groups can use multiple downstream RF channels.

DBS is the dynamic allocation of bandwidth for wideband WB and integrated cable IC interfaces sharing the same downstream channel. Due to the channel sharing nature of the bonding groups, the bandwidth available to bonding groups or non-bonded channels is not fixed. The bandwidth depends on the configuration and the traffic load on the WB or IC. The DBS enables efficient use of the underlying RF channel bandwidth even in the presence of high burst traffic.

The parameters that the schedule uses include the interface bandwidth and queue parameters. This section describes the following required and optional procedures:. These custom mappings will override the default mappings. Enables privileged EXEC mode. Enter your password if prompted. Enters interface configuration mode for the indicated cable downstream interface. Configures the custom excess ratios for 8 priorities:. Exits interface configuration mode and returns to privileged EXEC mode.

To verify the downstream queue information for a modem, use the show cable modem [ mac-address ip-address ] service-flow command. To check queue stats of all queues on an Integrated-Cable or Wideband-Cable interface, use the show cable dp queue interface command. The Cisco Support website provides extensive online resources, including documentation and tools for troubleshooting and resolving technical issues with Cisco products and technologies.

Access to most tools on the Cisco Support website requires a Cisco. Use Cisco Feature Navigator to find information about the platform support and software image support. Cisco Feature Navigator enables you to determine which software images support a specific software release, feature set, or platform.

An account on the Cisco. The following table lists the software release in which a given feature is introduced. Unless noted otherwise, subsequent releases of that software release train also support that feature.

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cisco docsis configuration software

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