Cisco 6500 nam module software download

cisco 6500 nam module software download

Prime Network Analysis Module Software Get product information, technical documents, downloads, and community content. You can download the latest version of the NAM. Cisco Prime NAM Software helps network administrators optimize network resources, troubleshoot performance issues, and ensure a consistent. FORTINET FIRMWARE UPGRADE Сообщаю Для вас, что.

Note By default, the CDB will be converted to the latest schema. Step 4 Enter Yes to complete the installation. This, however, is optional. Use the config network command to restore your previous Prime NAM configuration, as in the following:.

The copy of your configuration is stored in a back-up configuration file. The destination address should be a valid server name and directory path where you have read and write permissions. We recommend that you take a backup of your NAM configuration after the upgrade. You might require this backup in case you need to revert to the current configuration at a later point in time. You can use the config network command to restore the configuration.

This command restores the earlier configuration, but ensures that the configuration changes you had made after you had taken the backup are not lost. If you do not want the configuration changes you had made after you had taken the last backup to be retained, run the config clear command first, and then run the config network command.

Use Option 2 Download the application image and reformat the HDD to download the current application image and write the image to the disk. Note If the Prime NAM application has already been installed and the network settings were configured, they will be automatically be detected by the helper. Otherwise, you must use Option n to configure the network before using this option. This option downloads a version of the current application image from an FTP server location or from a location you can access using HTTP.

This URL requires you to have a Cisco service agreement and access to the internet to download the zipped software. After you complete the upgrade, you should clear the web browser cache to get valid GUI data. Step 1 Set the bit NAM to maintenance mode. Enter the following command:. Step 2 Log in and use the CLI command to upgrade. Step 3 Enter y to confirm that you want to proceed with the upgrade. In this example, the assumption is that the NAM module to be upgraded is located in slot 8.

Note The upgrade procedure for NAM is similar to the procedure outlined below. We recommend that you connect to the CIMC console and then do the upgrade so that it enables you to check the log. Note For other bit NAMs, this step may be different. Step 2 Press Enter. Step 4 Reboot to helper image using the reboot -helper command. Step 5 Enter Y to confirm the reboot. Step 6 Enter 1 for upgrade if want to do a reformat install, enter 2.

Step 7 Provide the image URL. Step 8 Enter y to confirm that you are ready to proceed with the upgrade. Step 9 Enter r to reset the NAM. Step 10 Enter y to confirm. Step 11 After the system restarts, the following message is displayed:. The database format has changed and needs to be deleted or converted. Converting the database can take up to a few hours. Deleting the database is quick, but you will lose monitoring data.

You may enter C to convert the CDB data. If you enter C , all existing CDB data will be kept and carried over to 6. This is the default. You may enter d to delete the data. If you enter d, all existing CDB data will be wiped out. If you do not provide any input, this prompt will time out after 10 seconds, and then the program will run the default C option.

Step 12 Log in with your username and password. Table 1 Upgrade Options Procedure. Table 3 Upgrade Options Category. To safely account for this potential behavior, be sure to map all four SAS addresses in the storage array configuration. The other three lanes have consecutive addresses: , , and All four of those addresses should be mapped in the storage array configuration. Some arrays come with multiple storage controller modules, and the module ownership must often be mapped to each LUN.

This is a common security feature. This number is unique to each particular array, meaning two LUNs from different arrays can have the same number. This is likely due to a configuration error on the array. Cisco recommends that you use a segment size as large as possible, up to KB. Two bytes are appended to the front, and may be changed by the Nexus switch when the PWWN is presented to the storage array.

Refer to the Nexus Series configuration guide that applies to your switch for configuration steps. The module depends on the storage array port type. In the case of FC, make sure your Nexus Series switch supports the required speed. Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Book Contents Book Contents.

Cisco 6500 nam module software download uninstalling tightvnc

You have the following options when you are upgrading to a new application software:.

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Cisco 6500 nam module software download We recommend that you connect to the CIMC console and then do the upgrade so that it enables you to check the log. The util sfdisk doesn't support GPT. Multiple LUNs can be configured on a single array. Note Make sure that the ejector levers are fully closed before tightening the captive installation screws. Deleting the database is quick, but you will lose monitoring data. Table Upgrade Commands Command 1.
Cisco 6500 nam module software download Em client gmail labels missing
cisco 6500 nam module software download

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Cisco 6500 nam module software download winscp iphone sans jailbreak

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches


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Reports on performance and usage statistics on a per access point or per endpoint basis help to quickly identify network bottlenecks and application performance issues. Monitor both virtual switches in VSS environments, reducing management overhead while improving operational efficiency.

WAN-optimized network visibility. Accelerate the return on investment ROI by assessing the best site and application candidates for optimization as part of the phased rollout plan. IEEE hardware time-stamping. Packet capture from the backplane combined with a precise hardware time stamp results in accurate performance measurements with metrics such as application response time and jitter. The IEEE hardware time stamps also facilitate accurate packet capture analysis. Advanced hardware and software filters.

Reduce the time to get to the critical data to accelerate troubleshooting and analysis of network traffic behavior. Deep, insightful packet captures. Solve complex performance issues with triggered or scheduled captures, display filters, decodes, and error scan features. Packet captures can be triggered based on performance thresholds, allowing you to focus on specific performance issues.

In addition, utilize external storage to collect extensive packet captures for offline analysis. Historical analysis. Look back to the past with the embedded Performance Database to understand what happened when an event that affects network performance occurred to accelerate root-cause analysis and prevent any reoccurrence.

Use historical analysis for advancing optimization and capacity decisions. Pre- and postdeployment analysis. Glean valuable before and after traffic analytics to help plan for and verify changes in network resources, such as introducing new applications, establishing QoS policies, consolidating servers, and deploying VoIP.

Open interface. Anytime, anywhere access. Access the web interface from any desktop, eliminating the need to send personnel to remote sites or haul large amounts of data over WAN links to the central site. Table 2. Product Specifications. NAM-3 architecture. Supported platforms. Supported topologies and data sources. Supported communication protocols.

Cisco Prime NAM identifies hundreds of unique protocols Layers 2 through 4 and automatically detects unknown protocols. It also supports URL-based application definition. Supported protocols include, but are not limited to:. Physical dimensions. Dimensions H x W x D : 1. Operating environment. Find warranty information on Cisco. To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Homepage.

See Table 3 for part numbers. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center. Table 3. Ordering Information. Product Information. Part Number. Realize the full business value of your technology investments with smart, personalized services from Cisco and our partners. Backed by deep networking expertise and a broad ecosystem of partners, Cisco Services enable you to successfully plan, build, and run your network as a powerful business platform.

Whether you are looking to quickly seize new opportunities to meet rising customer expectations, improve operational efficiency to lower costs, mitigate risk, or accelerate growth, we have a service that can help you. Table 4 shows the technical support service recommended for NAM Table 4. This services module, integrated in your Cisco Catalyst switch, delivers traffic monitoring, application performance analytics, and troubleshooting at 15 Gbps or faster traffic monitoring throughput.

They address high-performance monitoring needs in the campus, WAN edge, data center, and service provider networks. The vNAM offers outstanding deployment flexibility. It brings application visibility and network analytics to critical observation points in the cloud and branch to help increase business agility.

Skip to content Skip to search Skip to footer. Contact Cisco. Get a call from Sales. Get to Know Your Network Learn who is using it, what applications are running on it, and how these apps are performing.

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Cisco Systems Catalyst 6500 Upgrade From Sup720 to Sup2T

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